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The Consequences:

To Understand "the Consequences" we have to understand the nature of our mortal experience may or may not have them!

Let's look at Cain. After talking with God, he rebelled against Him and "chose" to follow Satan because of jeolosy and lust. To quote Cain, "now am I free, for the flocks of my brother have fallen into my hands!"

Now, when you read the Bible, what does it say? Does it say that Cain was immediately struck dead after the commission of the crime? No! God chose to spare Cain's life and to "delay" the punishment.


Didn't God know what Cain was all about before he allowed him to come to earth? Couldn't He have prevented the murder of Abel by refusing Cain entrance into mortality? Of course! He chose not to!


Because evil was to be a part of our "mortal experience" from the very beginning. God went so far as to put a "mark" on Cain so that "none finding him would slay him". God expressly prohibited Cain from being executed for his crime! That was the purpose of the mark! And "Cain gloried in his blank check from God to bring evil on the earth!"

Now here's a little secret:

I have spent literally my whole life battling evil. To all appearances, I have lost every battle. In-spite of that fact, I am still here and so is much of the evil that I spent my life opposing!


To all appearances, I have been abandoned by God. Consider the following:

1. Heavily Persecuted and "impoverished" from my involvement in Parma Politics. Here are my works:

a. Exposed cocaine use and distribution from Parma City Hall.

b. Exposed Major Gambling Ring operating out of the Parma Police Station.

c. Exposed Millions of dollars in theft from the city's self-insurance fund that should have brought down every elected official in the city.

d. Wrote a City Charter to Correct the above and more....

This was the consequences of my actions:

1. I lost my attempts at getting elected.

2. I was shunned by my own party (Republicans)

3. My Charter won and then, the victory was overturned by some "uncounted absentee ballots"

4. I was threatened. They tried to kill me; kidnap my son; ruin me financially; ruin my reputation; ruin my businesses etc.

One could ask. Where was God in all of this???

To the "mind of dirt"- God was no longer in control and doesn't support His Servants. Thus, evil is more powerfull than good in this world. Thus, it is "wisdom" to submit to the evil and avoid immediate pain.

To Me: God was right where He belonged. He gave me the resources to "expose" the evil that was running the City of Parma, Ohio. He protected me and gave me a large enough organization to get the message out.

To God: The people could choose to listen to His Servant or to Satan's. The majority were decieved and chose to listen to the voices of corruption. Thus, the city has continued to deteriorate and now faces the same ridicule that I once faced.

In the end I was forced to move because of my enemies. They drove out the only light God had given to them and awful has been the consequences.

Who Really won?


I moved to Fort Wayne, Indiana where I grew an extremely prosperous business as a District Manager and made many great friends. For those that don't know me, I am a Mormon convert. I served a mission shortly after my conversion and spent four years in the Air Force.

In Fort Wayne, I was called to the local leadership. I was the Elder's Quorum President over 100 Elders and almost that many "prospective elders". Things were going great with my employees and other business associates; none were Mormon. They loved me and I can say I honestly loved them.

To my great consternation, I found that the greatest cesspool I had ever fallen into, hid behind "Mormon Church Membership". These are some of the things I discovered:

1. One guy kept marrying healthy women of means and bringing them to church. Soon thereafter their health deteriorated and they eventually died. The guy appeared to be a nice guy, always doing his church stuff and there every Sunday for meetings. I remember attending one woman's funeral and "feeling" her presence. She was not too happy about being dead or the way she got there.

2. Another guy, who I hired, was the brother in law to our regional church leader and also held a leadership position in our church. I kicked him out of my office when I found his computer had more porn on it then anything else. I reported him to his brother in law and let it go at that. He and his brother-in law both retaliated in new ways I had never seen before. His wife called me a few years ago and told me I was right about him and that they were now divorced.

3. A third guy tried to use his Church membership to get me to invest in a business that collected clothing for 3rd world countries that didn't exist.

4. A fourth "kook" got up in front of the membership and told them how he had delivered his son at home. His knowledge extended to a course on the internet. He had to call a 'real' doctor in to stitch her up. The real doctor reported that this guy was running around the room shaking some container with powder in it while his "buddies' were sitting on the couch watching the "delivery" and eating popcorn and telling jokes.

Anyway, there were good people too, but the crook index was off the charts! Again I tried to use my influence to "clean things up" and again I lost. I could write a book on what I saw. So, what did I learn frm the experience?

NO ORGANIZATION IS EXEMPT FROM CORRUPTION. It blew my mind to realize that, not only were there some really bad people in my local church leadership; I couldn't get rid of them!

They were, like Cain, given a pass!

I won't lie to you and tell you it didn't shake me up. But, it did lead me to conclude the following:

1. God does permit evil men (and women) to say all the right things while doing all the wrong ones.

2. Some of the biggest "wolves" in our society hide behind the sheepskin of the very organizations they are helping to destroy. Many are respected by us,and their peers,and even held in the highest regard.

3. They can be exposed, but, because most men will not believe in things they cannot see, it is almost impossible to get rid of them.


And then came the biggest surprise of all! I moved to Utah with my family and met some of the greatest men and some of the greatest crooks. I did my best to fight the dirty scumbags. I have been permitted to expose them. I have not been permitted to destroy them.

Even though they have done everything in their power to destroy me. So now, here I sit, trying to explain to you why you just can't call something good because it has a beautiful paint job. And why you can't call something evil just because it is all scratched and dented.

You see, we are no different than any other man or woman that has gone through this experience we call mortality.

1. We are here to choose good or to choose evil.

2. We are not here to to "destroy" evil. It can't be destroyed or removed without affecting our mortal experience and the experiences of those around us.

So, you see, it is not important for us to "slay the dragon". It is, however, important for us to choose not to listen to it and to expose it as a real danger to those around us. We can't force them to listen.

Some of us. In fact, almost everyone of us, will be decieved, injured or even destroyed by the evils around us. That is called experience. In the end, its why we are all here.